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Mobile Shot Blasting & Paint Spraying in Northern Ireland

We offer our mobile services throughout Northern Ireland

Shot blasting

Mobile Shot blasting & paint spraying Services Belfast & Ballymena

Sand blasting is no longer industry approved - shot blasting is the better alternative. Need some restoration work doing?

Our company offers a variety of techniques to suit all your needs. No matter how great or small the job; you will receive a friendly, personal service and a finished product of top quality.

We use dry pressurised equipment to get you a clean finish and we can carry out work onsite.

What Is Shot Blasting?

Shotblasting or grit blasting is a procedure in which abrasive is carried along a high volume compressed air stream to a nozzle which increases the impact of abrasive unto a chosen substrate.

Several types of media can be used to remove debris or paint.

Metal surfaces can be left with varying degrees of surface profile depending on which abrasive is used.

Glass bead is generally used to leave a clean uniform finish to aluminium or stainless steel without creating an etch pattern.

The plant and machinery used is normally static but mobile units are also available.

Advantages Of Shot Blasting

Recently shot blasting has emerged as one of the most effective and cheapest techniques (rather than sandblasting) for surface preparation as well as the removal of graffiti and rust from materials. It also holds many benefits as well as being effective and low cost. Here are some of the other benefits our shot blasting service offers:

Eliminates the usage of harsh chemicals
Helps to detect surface faults
Increases durability and longevity of protective surface coats
Provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and a better blast pattern
The finished surface is guaranteed to be free from chemicals, scales and dust

We can shot blast and paint spray a variety of objects including:

Vintage cars

Vintage tractors & machinery (ploughs etc)

Blast cleaning alloy rims/ wheels

Gates & Railings

Quarry equipment

Epoxy paint - high performance paint system




Stone masonry

Factory equipment

Agricultural equipment

Tractor rims

Steel beams

Structural steel work

Galvanising preparation work


Cattles Slats

Farm machinery

Steel tanks

Garden furniture

Wood Ageing


Our other services include

Removing paint from wooden beams and structures
Blasting beams to give an antique appearance.
Alloy wheel refurbishment
Paint spraying
Epoxy coatings

Are you looking for on-site Shot Blasting, Bead Blasting or Paint Spraying Services in Northern Ireland?

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